The Program

FFTS sessions will be tailored to your needs and divided into three phases depending on current fitness levels. The ideal timeframe is 12 weeks but the program can be adapted to the time available.

PHASE ONE Balance and building a stable base This phase is focused on performing basic movement patterns, working on balance, coordination and stabilisation. This will ensure that the stabiliser muscles are recruited alongside the large muscles groups and help identify strengths and weaknesses. A fitness test and flexibility baseline will be recorded in the first session.
PHASE TWO Muscular strength and endurance We progress into the second phase once basic movement patterns are being performed safely and proficiently. This phase concentrates on building strength and endurance, adding in more complex and dynamic movement patterns . We continue to work on range of movement.
PHASE THREE Power, strength & plyometrics Now that the muscles are conditioned and a good range of movement is achieved, we introduce higher intensity movement patterns and plyometrics (explosive power) and more challenging balance work into phase three. Flexibility remains a key component throughout.

To get started or ask any questions please Contact Fit for the Slopes