Principle of Ski Fitness

Skiing is a physically demanding sport that requires stability, power, co-ordination and agility in three planes of movement (tri-planar).

Sagittal Forward and back
Frontal Side to side
Transverse Rotational

bodyIt is both an aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) based activity, both energy systems are used roughly in equal measure. When you ski you pass between these zones so it is important to train across them, in practice this is training at levels that raise your heart rate for short durations.

To cover all these bases, a comprehensive pre ski conditioning programme should contain exercises to improve the cardiovascular system, balance and agility, strength and conditioning, explosive/coordination training and flexibility work.

Exercises and activities should be functional or movement based which as close as possible mimic the biomechanical and physical demands of downhill skiing.

Stay strong, safe and in control on the mountain by following a fit for the slopes fitness programme.


Technique, and advances in technique will not be compromised by fatigue
Your total skiing time and run durations will not be cut short due to fatigue
Your recovery between bursts of skiing and from day today will be greatly enhanced
A conditioned and flexible body means your risk of injury will be reduced