Laura May Williams

If you’re going skiing this season, making sure you are fit before you go will guarantee that you get more out of your ski holiday.

Not only will you maximize the number of hours you spend on the snow (ensuring your progress is not thwarted by a lack of fitness), you’ll feel in a better position to enjoy your après ski, you’ll feel fresher in the morning and you’ll decrease the risk of injury by being strong and balanced on the mountain.

Skiing is an all over body workout. Along with your heart and lungs your muscles work hard in the following ways: -

Legs continually flex and extend throughout the day.
Calves remain in a forward flexed position in your boots.
Muscles of the back and core work hard to resist the forces fighting against you to keep you upright.
Poling requires a lot of work from the triceps.
Muscles of the hips and glutes are used for side-stepping and lateral movements.

…. and this is all for between four and six hours every day.!

Make sure you are prepared by performing specific strength and conditioning exercises in advance of your holiday.

Here are three pre-ski exercises you can do anywhere
Work up to 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise


Lateral lunge to curtsey


Good for: glutes, hips

Variation: hold weight against chest


Box/Chair push


Good for: Quads, glutes, balance

Variation: push up onto toe on standing, add weight


Hindu press-up


Good for: back, core, triceps

Variation: raise one leg